Change - ONE OK ROCK : Guitar Log

[08/17, 2020]

English / 日本語

Recently I addicted to walnuts. Hi, it's Tomo.

At this time, I arranged the "Change" of ONE OK ROCK's song as a finger-style guitar song. This song is used in the commercial song of HONDA JET in Japan. When they released this song, they were trying their new style. They show their resolution to "Change" to the title.

I felt the Intro is the hardest to arrange part of this song. I listened to the part so so many times to arrange. ONE OK ROCK, they play different styles at their live or acoustic version. I wonder original sounds are played by guitar or else.

I hope to change the world to be better soon from this tough situation.

Anyway, I hope you'll like my arrangement version😃 If you do, please subscribe and hit the good button!!