BTS (방탄소년단 : 防弾少年団) - Butterfly : Guitar Log

[12/25, 2018]

日本語 / English

I'm always wondering what did Santa do when he was young? Merry Christmas, It's Tomo.

I arranged a new song that is "Butterfly" of BTS. I had been wanting to arrange since 2015. When I was in Korea as a language student, I was looking for some scores. But I didn't find a good one. but day by day, little by little, I arranged and practiced, finally I did it.

The river that you can see at the beginning is the Hangang river. I shoot this by myself because there is a rainbow around the sun. it might be hard to see in this video.

I used DJI Osmo pocket for shooting this video as well as Lumix GH5. It's very tiny and useful even though accessories are not sold yet. I'm gonna keep using Osmo pocket for my videos.

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