Nobody's Home -ONE OK ROCK : Guitar Log

[01/10, 2020]

日本語 / English

Hi, it's Tomo.

At this time, I arranged "Nobody's Home" by ONE OK ROCK as a finger-style guitar song.

Take who is vocal of ONE OK ROCK gave the message for his father into this song. The one reason that I like this song is the message. Especially a part of lyrics; "僕の見せたい景色を見せるから〜(I will show you the view that I want to see.)" is my favorite one.

Arranging a song is every time hard but this time was the most. I was struggling to make the sound to be rich.

By the way, I missed the recording settings. So the move has different frame rate parts.

Anyway, I hope you'll like my arrangement version😃 If you do, please subscribe and hit the good button!!