Weight of world- NieR Automata : Guitar Log

[04/04, 2020]

English / 日本語

Hi, it's Tomo.

At this time, I arranged the "Weight of world" of NieR Automata's theme song as a finger-style guitar song.

NieR series are my favorite games.

This time I challenged two new things.

  • All videos are 60FPS
  • I created Pod 042 by Blender

All videos are 60FPS

Videos are I uploaded before is 30fps. From this video, I started to shoot videos as 60fps.

I created Pod 042 by Blender

Pod 042 is the robot that is support for 2B. I started creating it using Blender as a study. During my studying Blender, I became to want to use this Pod for my new video. So I bought Ricoh Theta to improved my CG and ask my CG Engineer friend how to do it.

The part I recommend you guys to watch is I action with the Pod like 2B/9S after I played guitar. So please watch till the end!

Anyway, I hope you'll like my arrangement version😃 If you do, please subscribe and hit the good button!!