紅蓮華(Gurenge) - LiSA : Guitar Log

[01/17, 2022]

English / 日本語

Hi, it's Tomo.

At this time, I arranged "紅蓮華(Gurenge)" by LiSA as a finger-style guitar song.

This song is known as Demon slayer's theme song. Recently I look forward to watching Demon slayer season 2 every week.

I arranged this song is based on the TV version.
The song has 3 high points. I doubt if I arranged entire the song, people listening to my version may get bored. So I decided to make the song shorter as same as the TV version. But I added my favorite part as an appendix at the last of the video.

Anyway, I hope you'll like my arrangement version😃 If you do, please subscribe and hit the good button!!