Make it Out Alive - ONE OK ROCK : Fingerstyle Guitar Log

[09/20, 2023]

English / 日本語

Hello, it's Tomo. This time, I tried my hand at a fingerstyle guitar arrangement of ONE OK ROCK's "Make It Out Alive," which is a collaboration song between Monster Hunter Now and ONE OK ROCK!

Well, Monster Hunter Is Fun, After All! 😄

I'm a relatively new player to Monster Hunter, starting with Rise and Sunbreak, and I consider myself a rather casual user. Additionally, I've been a heavy Pokémon GO player since its release, but games like Harry Potter didn't quite capture my interest. However, Monster Hunter Now surprised me by being much more engaging. Material gathering in the world of Monster Hunter is quite different from Pokémon GO, where items are mostly readily available at any PokéStop. In Monster Hunter Now, the game is designed to make you want to explore various areas with changing item spots at different times.

Also, I think opportunities to listen to the sounds of mobile games are surprisingly rare, but I really love the stylish jazz music in this game's night and shop BGM. 😄

The Return of That Classic ONE OK ROCK Vibe 🎸

I felt that this new song had a certain nostalgic ONE OK ROCK vibe to it, which made me like it instantly and motivated me to try my hand at arranging it.

I got carried away with Monster Hunter Now talk, but I hope you enjoy it! ☺️ Please don't forget to subscribe and hit the like button!