Wasted Nights - ONE OK ROCK : Guitar Log

[07/11, 2021]

日本語 / English

Hello, it's Tomo.

At this time, I arranged the "Wasted Nights" of ONE OK ROCK's song as a finger-style guitar song. This song is the ending theme for "Kingdom" of the movie.

I was arranging this song and "Stand out Fit in" when these were released. But I couldn't reach enough good quality for this song. So I released "Stand out Fit in" first and left arranging this song.

I kept practicing and arranging little by little. When I arrange On OK Rock's song, I keen attention to drums. Because their songs use simple chord progression and use drums as a spice (This is just my opinion).

Finally, I did it. But my thumb still screams when I play this song lol.

Anyway, I hope you'll like my arrangement version😃 If you do, please subscribe and hit the good button!!