(Gen 6)Core i7 CoreDuo 3.3GHz VS (Gen 8)Core i7 6core 2.2GHz

[07/14, 2019]

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Hi, it's Tomo.

I've been using the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 late model for almost 3 years.

Recently, I use Unity and 3DCG for my work but I was feeling that my MacBook Pro's power is not enough to building app/rendering 3D CG. Those can be made speed up more.

At this April, I bought an eGPU and it made my MacBook Pro faster especially for rendering move and editing unity. But I still need more CPU power to building/rendering.

At June, Apple released new MacBook Pro series. I really wanted an 8-core MBP but it cost $450,000 and more 😥

So I decided to buy the certified refurbished version !!!

MacBook Pro 15-inch was under $300,000

These are the spec of MBP I bought.

  • CPU : Core i7 6core 2.2GHz
  • GPU : Radeon Pro 555X
  • Memory : 32G
  • SSD : 512G

I really want a 13-inch with 32G memory version but Apple doesn't sell that kind of series. So I had to choose 15-inch MBP whatever.

I searched about benchmark tests and **found out that 15-inch MBP 2018 is faster 13-inch MBP 2019. ** And prices are same those two MBP. That is one of the reasons why I chose that one.

Certified Refurbished is good?

This is just my understanding; Certified Refurbished is kind of official Apple's second hand. But it has got a 1-year warranty and you can buy an Apple Care in addition.

This is a box for Certified Refurbished MBP. It seems different from brand new one's box. The certified refurbished version has just printed a text instead of a photo but it' still looking good.


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My own Certified Refurbished MBP is almost fine except Touch ID button. The button is slightly ratted. In the first place, MBP's keyboard has problems so I don't care about it lol.


I compared rendering speed using with Maya + Arnold. It became almost 4x faster from before.

24 seconds ー> 6 seconds

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The image I rendered is this one.


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I also compared the building speed of Unity. The test I did is press command + B and count until finish Xcode building to launch on my iPhone.

The speed became 2x faster.

2 mins ー> 50 seconds

Apple discount 1/2/4T SSD options

The day I bought my BMP, Apple released a new lineup and discount SSD options. I was looking for new 13-inch BMP has a lineup that is a non-Touch bar with 32G memory model but they didn't.

But now 13-inch quad core MBG 2018 with 16G memory and 1T SSD model became good price too.

In 2014, the MacBook is a very reasonable price with good specs and has a cool design. But now a day, I can't use Nvidia's GPU for Mac and price is so high. I think if you don't need to use Xcode, a windows gaming laptop is better.

Anyway, I got more power

I got new BMP and the speed so what I need to do now is, more output with Unity/Maya lol.