My app binary became "Invalid Binary.", after submitted.

[08/03, 2022]

Hello, I'm Tomo. Shortly after submitting my iOS app for review, I received an email saying "Invalid Binary." I looked at AppstoreConnect while wondering why, but the reason was not written at all, and when I looked at the email, I received the following email.

Dynamically Hide/Show View in swiftUI

[05/05, 2022]

Hello Tomo, I have finally started to learn swiftUI recently. It's been 3 years since swiftUI came out? But it's still in development and Big changes happen sometimes. I'd like to leave a note about showing and hiding a View in swiftUI.

Find and copy file paths on Mac

[04/15, 2022]

Hello, this is Tomo. I wanted to try background rendering in Blender, but the PATH to blender did not go through properly, so I checked where the path is in the first place and made a note of it.

How to fix grayed-out time on menubar in Mac Monterey.

[04/11, 2022]

Time is money. Hello, this is Tomo. Since I updated my mac to Monterey, the clock in the menu bar has been grayed out, and I was trying to fix it because it's annoying. At first, I thought it might be due to the contrast between the dark mode and the wallpaper, but changing the wallpaper color didn't solve the problem. And I searched and figured out it's the "feature" and is not a bug. I was wondering for a while because there must be a way to fix it. But now that I know how to fix it successfully, I'd like to make a note of it. !!!!! ⏰

The PNG transparency bug in iOS 15

[04/05, 2022]

Note that I got stuck with the PNG transparency bug in iOS and spent an awful lot of time on it. There are known bugs in iOS, but the one I encountered this time seems to be a bit different.

紅蓮華(Gurenge) - LiSA : Guitar Log

[01/17, 2022]

Hi, it's Tomo. At this time, I arranged "紅蓮華(Gurenge)" by LiSA, Justin Bieber as a finger-style guitar song. This song is known as Demon slayer's theme song. Recently I look forward to watching Demon slayer season 2 every week.

Wasted Nights - ONE OK ROCK : Guitar Log

[07/11, 2021]

Hello, it's Tomo. At this time, I arranged the "Wasted Nights" of ONE OK ROCK's song as a finger-style guitar song. This song is the ending theme for "Kingdom" of the movie.