BTS (방탄소년단 : 防弾少年団) - Butterfly : Guitar Log

[12/25, 2018]

I'm always wondering what did Santa do when he was young? Merry Christmas, It's Tomo. I arranged a new song that is "Butterfly" of BTS. I've been wanting to arrange since 2015. When I was in Korea as a language student, I was looking for some scores. But I didn't find a good one. but day by day, little by little, I arranged and practiced, finally I did it.

[Vapor3][MySQL] Show the error 'DatabaseIdentifier<_>' produces result of type 'DatabaseIdentifier<MySQLDatabase>', but context expects 'DatabaseIdentifier<_>'

[10/21, 2018]

Why Xcode shows you an error like below even if you set the DatabaseIdentifier properly. Member 'mysql' in 'DatabaseIdentifier<_>' produces result of type 'DatabaseIdentifier<MySQLDatabase>', but context expects 'DatabaseIdentifier<_>' Xcode might not be able to show the error properly if the code inside the closure is wrong. I spent a lot of time because of this error😭 I hope this article helps someone like me.

How to show foreign exchange rates on Stocks of iPhone App

[09/21, 2018]

I'm gonna go to Korea for a month on October to learn Korean!! Hi, it's Tomo. I sometimes check the foreign exchange rate on the Stocks App. When I add a rate, I've often forgotten how to input the code to show it. So I left how to do it for me. If you wanna show USD/JPY, input this code.

[Vapor3]How to make a XML Response for sitemap

[09/13, 2018]

You might want to return a response as XML. So do I. I wanted to make a sitemap.xml. First, I tried using with Leaf template but "Content-Type " automatically became HTML. So I made a response by myself and returned it. This is one of a way to response XML.

[Vapor3] How to use MySQL

[09/13, 2018]

This is like a cheat-sheet that is how to use MySQL on Vapor3 for me. Vapor3 is still new and the information is a few on the internet. So I did many try and error😭 I would be happy if this article helps someone who wants to use Vapor3.